Managed Security

Our “Security Sure” Corporate Professional package provides coverage and peace of mind to business owners across the globe.


  • Centralized Monitoring​ – Certified team providing around the clock secure monitoring, detecting and defending against threats to your critical IT Infrastructure, devices and applications. Our team deploys the latest threat intelligence to identify threats in real time to take appropriate remedial action.
  • Next Gen EDR – Provides the best endpoint and core protection against modern cyber threats. This A.I driven tool looks at the behavior and activities of each device and quarantines or kills all anomalous files from every point of entry.
  • Vulnerability Scan – Designed to identify weaknesses in the IT environment and recommend remedial actions to improve cyber resilience.
  • Automated Patch Management – One cyber-attacks every 14 seconds; Our automated patch management identifies and deploys security updates to all systems and applications. Our team further checks updates to ensure that they are installed without issues to the systems.
  • Ongoing Remediation – Our team assists administrators monitor and fix all security issues uncovered by our vulnerability engine.
  • Application Compliance – Manage all applications used within the organization based on your compliance policy.
  • Asset Tracking – Track and monitor all devices in the environment, get live views of all assets within your domain.
  • Trending – Get a security baseline of your organization that is measured, scored and updated monthly.